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December’s Giving Effort

Dear Park Road Families,

We in the PRMCares core committee want to share how thankful we are to all of you who have embraced this new little program. We look forward to all it’s incredible potential in 2014! We also feel that the holidays are crazy enough without trying to fit in a big group volunteer effort, so we wish to use this month to encourage good work we can all do as individual families. Below is a list of many, though certainly not all, ideas of how to truly celebrate the season of giving, whether it be with your time, your talent or your treasure.

We would love to hear about your families volunteer efforts. Share as a comment to this post, or via email at Pictures are great, too!

Make a habit of making a difference!

Happy Holidays,

Cynthia, Kristen, Jackie, Jennifer H., and our new core committee volunteers, Dina, Shelley and Jennifer M.

PS. Details about the upcoming 12 Good Deeds Project and our January event with the Ronald McDonald House will be coming soon.

1. Make care packages for homeless individuals to hand out when you pass them in the cold. Content suggestions can be found at

2. Write letters, draw pictures, create decorations for individuals in a hospital ward, the children’s ward and a nursing home.

3. Make cookies or brownies to share at your local fire or police station.

4. Search your home for old cell phones and donate them to help victims of domestic violence, click here for details.

5. Write a letter to a deployed soldier and “send them a little bit of home”.

6. Volunteer with  Hospice & Palliative Care in Charlotte.

7. Volunteer or donate to Classroom Central help teachers and student in poverty stricken areas around North Carolina.

8. Help and elderly neighbor tackle their leaves or walk a neighbors pet that doesn’t get much exercise.

9. Take a walk around your neighborhood with a trash bag; pull weeds and pick up the litter.

10. Here are a few links to find other great opportunities to give this holiday season. Link, Trees Charlotte,

11. Humane Society of Charlotte provides information for donating items to animals in need.  There is a list and also dates and times to drop items off.

12. Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte provides contact information for volunteers interested adopting an Angel (child) or Silver Bell (senior citizen) for the holidays

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