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Special Parent Meeting – 12 Good Deeds Project

Thank you PRMCares family. We filled up our January event quickly (and with a wait list). You rock!!!

JD Lewis, of the Twelve in Twelve Foundation, is coming back to PRM to further detail the 12 GOOD DEEDS project we are helping launch next month. The meeting is this Thursday, 1/9/14, at 10 a.m. in Room 4 (band room).

RSVP is not required, but would be helpful to make sure we are properly set up for space. You can RSVP by email,

This inspired, good human project is designed to offer our children the opportunity to…

1) Practice multiple and diverse acts of kindness on a local level.

2) Impact, as well as observe that impact, on a global level.

3) Interact with other children city-wide (eventually state and nationwide) who share this common goal.

4) Achieve a sense of personal fulfillment that can come from finishing a big, selfless project, such as this.

5) And, feel empowered by the value of their individual actions.

PRMCares can send out one email, flyer, or web post after another, but no one can express the passion behind the project to our families as well as JD Lewis. If you could not attend the lecture in November and are even slightly interested in helping your child participate, please join us!!! Attendance is not mandatory to participate. If you know you want to join the project regardless, submit the interest form here.

As we are the flagship elementary school, we will be helping the 12 Good Deeds Project work out its kinks before going nationwide. Please understand this as we move forward. Your input will be invaluable, as will your child’s efforts.

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