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Our first Student Proposal is in! Won’t you help us support them?

Jamie and Jessie from Ms. Cecilia’s class have submitted a student proposal to support St. Jude’s Hospital. Their effort is born of a simple New Years resolution. As they researched the organization, they learned that St. Jude’s functions solely off donations and does not require payment from families of its critical needs patients. Jamie and Jessie also researched how St. Jude’s manages their money through

To support St. Jude’s, the girls are hosting a…

Hot Chocolate Sale

tomorrow, 1/23, between 1:20 and 2 pm, in the cafeteria.

75 cents per cup, 5 cents extra for marshmallows!

The weather is making this sale a perfect choice.

Please help us support them!!! Make sure your student has the money they need to get a hot chocolate tomorrow.

The PRMCares Student Proposal Project, through the money raised by the sale of our I Can Change the World bracelets, has agreed to match all the funds (plus some!) that Jamie and Jessie raise. You can also help us make sure we can financially fulfill other student proposals by buying our bracelets, follow the SPP page for the order form or buy them in the main office. Just $3.

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