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Congratulations are due.

Student Proposal Project #1- St. Jude's Hospital

These two generous little ladies, Jamie and Jessie from Ms. Cecelia’s class, made a new Years Resolution to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital. They approached PRMCares because they heard about the Student Proposal Project. The girls researched St. Jude’s, both philosophically and fiscally, then submitted a plan to host a hot chocolate sale at school. PRMCares pledged to match their earnings and support their endeavor with publicity. Their sale fell on a very cold day and Park Road families came out in droves. All said they raised $264, which we matched for a total over $520.

Congrats Ladies. You have much to be proud of!!!

Special Note: Their wild success completely decimated our funds for the Student Proposal Project, which was built from our sales of the “I Can Change the World” bracelets. They are available, and we want to be prepared for the next empowered PRM student. Won’t you support them. The bracelets are for sale for $3 each in the office or by using this form and submitting through classroom teachers. 100% goes to student proposals. Thank you!

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One comment on “Congratulations are due.

  1. Cecelia
    February 6, 2014

    I am so proud of these two girls. They had the idea, asked questions, found support from PRM Cares and their families and took off. This project was run totally by the two girls – the world better watch out, they may just take over!!!!

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