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A Step in the Right Direction!

As we wind down 2016, PRMCares is planning for 2017 to be as thoughtful and caring, if not more, than the year before.  With that said, there is one more project that we want to help come to fruition.

At the beginning of the school year, parents, volunteers and school staff noticed that the area where kids get in and out of cars could use some spiffing up.  Many times parents, volunteers, staff and students end up standing in muddy, uneven areas or even standing in dangerous locations to avoid those muddy, uneven areas.349So PRMCares and Park Road Montessori PTO have come together to get pavers so that we can create a carpool area with clear places to step and designated areas for walking. What we now need are additional volunteers to assist with the set-up and arrangement of these pavers.

We want to have them in place in time for the students return after winter break. So if you have an opening SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31st at 1:00 pm, and you have a little free time  before you get your last hurrahs in for 2016, consider signing up and meeting us in the carpool area to help us put everything in place!

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One comment on “A Step in the Right Direction!

  1. maury finger
    December 22, 2016

    I love your posts, so positive and encouraging. You are awesome!!!

    I got clearance to spend $200. I’ll get the pavers and bring them piecemeal through the break in my minivan (unless you have a truck??)


    Thank you so much

    Maury Sent from my iPhone


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